Try These Easy Home Remedies To Improve Sex Life

Try These Easy Home Remedies To Improve Sex Life

People often get bored with having sex the same way and just settle for what's convenient. But, with time, this can make your sex life come to a standstill. If you think you can not do anything to improve your sex life, then you need to rethink your position (literally)!

Here are some tips and home remedies to improve sex life and keep the fun going:

1. Eat Aphrodisiac Food

Eating aphrodisiac foods can increase your sex drive as it helps in stimulating the production of testosterone. Aphrodisiacs will help you enjoy a mind-blowing sex experience as the endorphins released make you feel happier and more connected to your partner. Some common aphrodisiacs include oysters, asparagus, almonds, bananas, red ginseng, and peppermint.

2. Try New Positions

There are thousands of sex positions that you can choose from, such as straddling, face-to-face, with the woman on top, rear entry, and so on. Also, try to experiment with creating new sex positions or using pieces of furniture that are in the bedroom and around the house to try out different sex positions.

3. Create a Soothing Atmosphere

Try creating a romantic atmosphere with soft lighting, soothing music, and aromatic candles. Always remember to talk to your partner about what you like and what kind of mood you're in. This helps to create a more romantic and intimate atmosphere. It reduces stress and anxiety related to sex.

4. Try Ayurvedic Products

Make a commitment to eating healthy foods and supplementing your diet with natural herbal sex boosters like Shilajit Gold, which can also increase endurance in as little as 30 days. You'll feel and look sexier than ever. Dr. Vaidya's offers a range of sexual wellness products that will help you last longer in bed and derive intense pleasure with your partner.

5. Do Yoga

Yoga postures are meant to elongate your body and reduce physical stress, and many of the positions can be adjusted to enhance your sex life. You don't have to look further than your computer or mobile device for a quick yoga session. It helps to improve rhythm and flexibility for good sex, and also improves your stamina in bed.

6. Practise Foreplay

The most important thing to remember while having sex is that foreplay matters a lot! Now, you can't just skip foreplay and head straight to penetrative sex because this ruins the mood as well as your chances of an orgasm. Remember to touch all the erogenous parts of your partner's body that have been revealed during foreplay and take time to explore them. Tease your partner by making circles around the erogenous zones and giving them a few quick licks. Don't be afraid to get dirty before you have actual intercourse!

7. Use Lubrication

Lubrication can be used as a means to heighten the pleasure felt during sexual activity, but it also serves many other purposes. Use lubrication to cut down on friction and make penetration easier, safer, and more comfortable. Coconut oil is a good alternative to conventional lubricants as it is all-natural, contains antibacterial properties, and even promotes healing.


These home remedies for a good sex life help to improve the overall quality of your sexual experiences and keep you healthier for longer. Don't forget to communicate your desires and also listen to your partner's choices. Get with the flow and go slow!

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