Busting Sex Myths That Plague Our Minds

by tejas gaikwad on Sep 20, 2022

Busting Sex Myths That Plague Our Minds

Don't say the dirty word! This is often the notion that surrounds sex in our society. But, people need to realize that sex is just a natural part of human life. The lack of conversation around sex leads to confusion and ignorance about a healthy sexual life, and we are left with a ton of sex myths!

Ayurved understands sex to be an important part of life and encourages open discussion. Hence, we are here busting some absurd myths around sex that still plague our minds:

1. Period Sex Myths

Contrary to the popular notion that having sex during periods is harmful to women and could lead to infections and infertility, menstrual blood is sterile during the first few days and does not harm your body. One of the worst period sex myths that really disrupts a healthy female sexual life. 

2. First-Time Sex Causes Pregnancy

Do you really think that first-time sex cause pregnancy or a baby will be conceived? Of course not! What matters is the overall risk of getting pregnant, which involves other factors. Use protection and educate yourself about your menstrual cycle and, if you have sex, understand when to have sex and how to protect yourself against pregnancy.

3. Oral Sex is Harmful for Health

It's false! Not at all. Oral sex is fun and very fulfilling for both partners. ‘Oral sex is harmful to health’ this notion is a myth! You need to always use protection irrespective of which way you are having sex. Oral sex is no different! Use a condom and keep the genital area clean to prevent infection. Always disclose your testing status to your partner, and you are good to go. Many couples enjoy oral sex for heightened pleasure and orgasms.

4. The Hymen is Equal to Virginity

The hymen is a small flap of skin that covers the vaginal opening and can be stretched or torn during first-time intercourse. But, the hymen can rupture during non-coital activities such as sports and horseback riding, or if a girl is born with an opening in her hymen, masturbation, and much more. Many girls even suffer from imperforate hymen that doesn't allow menstrual blood to flow out of the body. This also does not let the hymen break and causes a lot of complications.

5. Pull Out Fast to Prevent Pregnancy

"Pull out fast" is the term commonly used to refer to a man who withdraws his penis from the vagina right before ejaculation. One of the reasons that most young couples avoid using condoms is that the boy might feel confident to pull out fast enough before the ejaculation and end up giving their partner an unwanted pregnancy. The pull-out method is not 100% safe from pregnancy and the transfer of sexual diseases. Plus, precum can also cause pregnancy. Trust in condoms and other preventive measures only!

6. Premature Ejaculation Does Not Cause Erection Problems

That is not true. The truth is that erection problems can be caused by long-term premature ejaculation. In fact, most men who have premature ejaculation also suffer from erection problems such as erectile dysfunction and low testosterone. Fortunately, there are ayurvedic medicines that help boost testosterone and support sexual health & performance using natural herbs. 


All these sex myths prevent men and women from discovering the truth about their sexual health. Only with the truth, can we make any real progress. It is essential to bust the myths to understand the potential of a healthy reproductive system!

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