About Us

Herbobuild comes from the house of Dr. Vaidya’s. Dr. Vaidya’s is a new age Ayurvedic products business founded by a family with 150 years of Ayurvedic heritage. Over the last 150 years, Vaidya family members have passed down formulations from generation to generation and treated thousands of patients in the process. Today, the company owns 100+ FDA approved formulations for Ayurvedic proprietary medicine all manufactured in-house in our own ISO 9001:2015 approved, GMP certified factory in Silvassa (170 km from Mumbai) that has also recently been US FDA registered.

At Dr. Vaidya’s we aim to take our traditional science of Ayurveda to modern consumers both in India and worldwide. We hope to make this science appealing and accessible to 21st century consumers.

For more on the Dr. Vaidya’s approach and brand, please visit www.drvaidyas.com.

ISO certified Herbobuild

Ayurvedic products that the necessary certifications always give better results. Our production unit is GMP certified, ISO 9001:2015 approved, registered with the US FDA. The product is also fully tested and has been verified for results.

100% Ayurvedic & Natural

This product is 100% natural, made with pure Ayurvedic herbs and has no side effects. It is all manufactured in Silvassa, India.

Proprietary and Researched Formulation

The product is a unique blend that is proprietary to Dr. Vaidya’s after 150 years of research. We are proud to have more than 100,000 regular customers who are using Herbobuild from countries across the world including India, UK, Singapore, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Israel among many others.